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Terms of Carriage

The carriage of a Passenger is subject to SpiceJet regulations relating to the conditions of Non-International Carriage (Passenger and Baggage) framed in accordance with The Carriage by Air Act, 1972 and Notification regarding application of the Carriage which is non-international. These regulations are known as SpiceJet Non-International Carriage (passenger and baggage) Regulations 1992. The liability of the company for damage sustained in the event of the death or wounding of a passenger or any other bodily injury suffered by a passenger or by his registered baggage during the course of carriage by air will be governed by the provisions of sections 4,5,6 and the rules contained in the Second Schedule of Carriage by Air Act 1972 with certain exceptions, adaptations, modifications, etc. as notified in the Govt. of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation Notification and as amended from time to time. All disputes shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi only.

SpiceJet is a ticket less airline. An itinerary does not constitute a document of carriage. The Booking in the SpiceJet database is the primary record of carriage and in the event of any differences between the itinerary and the Booking in the SpiceJet database, the Booking will prevail.

  1. All Passengers, including children and infants, must present valid identification at check-in. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate travel documents at all times.
  2. All Foreign Nationals/Non-Indian Nationals/NRI need to carry their Passport with valid documents for their travel to Port Blair(Andaman and Nicobar Island). All NRI must have PIO(person of indian origin) or Passport with valid documents.
  3. Check-in starts "2 hours" before scheduled departure, and closes 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Passengers are requested to report at least 2 hours prior to departure time, at SpiceJet Check-in counters.
  4. Cancellation / Changes within "2 hours" prior to the scheduled departure time or failure to check-in for a SpiceJet flight at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time will result in the fare being forfeited.
  5. All promo/sale fares are restrictive fares and are non-refundable. Certain promo/sale fares do not permit changes to the flight. Please check restrictions on the fare while booking. Under all promo/sale fares, limited inventory is available on selected flights on first come, first served basis. SpiceJet reserves the right to withdraw and/or amend the promo/sale without any prior notice.
  6. In the event of cancellation/non-utilization/no show of promo/special fares (where the basic fare is non-refundable), the passengers shall be entitled for the refund of statutory taxes and User Development Fee (UDF) / Airport Development Fee (ADF) / Passenger Service Fee (PSF) etc (as applicable).
  7. Cancellation, changes and refund
    • Spicejet shall provide “Look-in option” for a period of 24 hours after booking ticket. During this period passenger can cancel or amend the ticket without any additional charges, except for the normal prevailing fare for the revised flight for which the ticket is sought to be amended. This facility shall not be available for a flight whose departure is less than 7 days from booking date. The passenger needs to call SpiceJet’s call center to avail this facility.
    • For all domestic sectors any changes pertaining to Date for a booking please refer the grid below for applicable charges if the same fare is not available at the time of change, the difference in fares will be applied in addition to the change fee plus changes to any applicable fees. All fees are subject to change without notice.
    • For all domestic sectors any request for sector change in the booking will attract the respective cancellation fees as per the class of booking or base fare plus fuel surcharge per passenger per sector per change, whichever is lower. If the same fare is not available at the time of change, the difference in fares will be applied in addition to this change fee plus changes to any applicable fees. All fees are subject to change without notice.
    • In case of credit card payments, refund shall be made within seven (07) days of the cancellation to the account of credit card holder.
    • In case of cash transactions, refund shall be made immediately by SpiceJet office from where the ticket was purchased.
    • In case of a cancellation of tickets purchased through travel agents/online travel portals etc, the refund will be processed within 24 to 48 working hours from the date of the cancellation of the ticket.
    • Add-on services like Meal, SpiceMax, Excess Baggage, Lounge, Priority Check-in, Preferred Bag Out are non-cancellable in isolation (applicable only for Economy Class).
    Revised Change/Cancellation Pricing Policy
    Pricing applicable on bookings before
    Pricing applicable on bookings after
    Economy Class Domestic (INR) International (INR) Domestic (INR) International (INR)
    1 Change
    A Change made within 24 hours of the Booking will be considered, provided the flight departure date of the first leg of travel is beyond seven days from the day of the change. NIL* NIL* NIL* NIL*
    B Within 96 Hrs 2500+FD** 3500+FD** 3000+FD** 4000+FD**
    C Beyond 96 Hrs and not falling under condition 1 A 2500+FD** 3500+FD**
    2 Cancellation
    A Cancellation made within 24 hours of the Booking will be considered, provided the flight departure date of the first leg of travel is beyond seven days from the day of the cancellation. NIL* NIL* NIL* NIL*
    B Within 96 Hrs 3000 4500 3500 5000
    C Beyond 96 Hrs and not falling under condition 1 A 3000 4500
    Business Class
    1 Change
    A Change made within 24 hours of the Booking will be considered, provided the flight departure date of the first leg of travel is beyond seven days from the day of the change. NIL* NIL* NIL* NIL*
    B Change 1500+FD** 2000+FD** 1500+FD** 2000+FD**
    2 Cancellation
    A Cancellation made within 24 hours of the Booking will be considered, provided the flight departure date of the first leg of travel is beyond seven days from the day of the change. NIL* NIL* NIL* NIL*
    B Cancellation 3500 5000 3500 5000

    NIL*: Passenger needs to call SpiceJet’s call center to avail this facility

    FD**: Fare Difference

    Note: Fee applicable above is per passenger per sector and in case of cancellation if the base fare is lower than the above fees applicable charges will be base fare plus fuel surcharge per passenger per sector per cancellation, whichever is lower.

  8. Name change is not permitted on your booking. Please ensure that passenger’s booking name matches the proof of identification.
  9. Itinerary printouts with the name of the Passenger will be checked at the time of entering the terminal and at the check-in counter. Passengers who do not have the same are requested to collect the printouts from the SpiceJet office located outside the departure terminal. A charge of 100 INR will be levied for each print of an Itinerary / Ticket from any of the SpiceJet Ticketing Counters / Offices across India (charges not applicable for fresh bookings). This fee is applicable only on requests for a print of an existing itinerary / ticket, already paid for. Please note the Itinerary Printout Fee towards re-printing of each Itinerary Ticket is reflected under the "Itinerary Printout Fee - 100 INR" column on the printout.
  10. Travel certificate: Issuance of travel certificate through call centre or at airports will entail a fee of INR 200/- (including GST) per PNR.
  11. With effect from 11 Jan' 19, the revised applicable non-refundable convenience fee shall be levied on all transactions completed as per the table given below:
    Convenience Fee (per passenger per segment)
    Transaction Channel Domestic International
    Credit & Debit cards Charges INR 250 INR 400
    Internet Banking Charges INR 250 INR 400
    Airport Ticketing Counter Charges INR 250 INR 400
    Booking Made from Reservation INR 250 INR 400
    Any other SpiceJet payment mode INR 250 INR 400
    Payment made through UPI INR 125 INR 125
  12. Schedule is subject to change and regulatory authority approvals.
  13. Cabin baggage of maximum 7 kg (which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags) having maximum overall dimensions of: 115 cms. (L+W+H) on Boeing flights and 108 cms. (L+W+H) on Bombardier flights is allowed to be carried per passenger, free of cost. Passengers with infants are allowed to carry an additional piece of hand baggage of maximum 7 kg., not exceeding the size dimensions, as mentioned hereinbefore.
  14. Friends and Family Special
    • These fares are available for booking made for both, domestic and international sectors. (Only for Direct and Via flights).
    • These fares are available for bookings made on www.spicejet.com or through SpiceJet’s Reservation Center.
    • A minimum of four (#4) and maximum of nine (#9) passengers can be booked under this fare.
    • Under this fare, a minimum of two (2) and maximum of nine (09) passengers can only be booked on MAA-CMB-MAA sector
    • These fares are NOT available for bookings made via SpiceJet’s official mobile application.
    • These fares are not applicable for booking made for infant(s).
    • Full baggage allowance is applicable to the passengers booking under these fares.
    • Changes/ Cancellation in respect of the booking made under these fares can only be done via SpiceJet’s Reservation Centre.
    • Cancellation in respect of the booking made under this fare shall only be permissible if minimum of four (#4) passengers are retained in the booking.
    • For detailed terms and conditions, log on to www.spicejet.com
  15. Checked baggage: SpiceJet allows free checked baggage allowance of 15 kg not to exceed 158 cm in overall dimensions (L+W+H) per passenger, for all domestic bookings.

    At the Airport: Passenger(s) carrying more than the baggage allowance(i.e. 15 kgs) as mentioned above will be charged at rate INR 400/ Kg (effective from 20th July, 2018) for domestic travel only.

    Prepaid excess baggage can be booked 6 hours prior to the departure of the flight at the following rates via our website or call centre (revised rate is effective from 20th July, 2018):

    Domestic: EXCESS BAGGAGE PRE-PURCHASE (revised rate with effect from 11 Oct, 2018)
    Fee type INR
    5 kg Prepaid Up to 1975
    10 kg Prepaid Up to 3950
    15 kg Prepaid Up to 5925
    20 kg Prepaid Up to 7900
    30 kg Prepaid Up to 11850
    At Airport INR 400/ Kg (effective from 22nd June, 2018)

    *Please note: pre book excess baggage discount may vary on different channels*

    Note : If the total checked baggage exceeds the pre-booked baggage allowance, then the Passenger will be charged at a rate of INR 400 per kg (effective from 22nd June, 2018). For example, if a passenger has pre-booked 10 Kg excess baggage then the total allowance for the travel will be 15 Kg + 10 Kg i.e. 25 Kg. If the checked baggage exceeds 25 kg, then INR 400/ Kg (effective from 22nd June, 2018) will be charged at airport check-in counter.

    Each slab for Prepaid Excess Baggage can be booked only once i.e. Per PNR / Per Passenger / Per Sector.

    Prepaid excess baggage once purchased, cannot be cancelled in stand-alone or used partially (e.g. if one has bought 5 kg and does not want to carry any excess baggage then the same is non-cancellable OR if one has bought 5 kg and excess baggage is 4 kg then remaining 1 kg is non-transferable/non-refundable/non-reusable).

  16. Booking made under Hand Baggage Only fare, no check-in baggage allowance included. If a passenger wishes to check-in baggage at the airport, a Fare Type Change Fee of 400 INR (Rupees four hundred only) shall be chargeable for up to 15 kgs.

    Passengers are required to pay for all charges due at their end before collecting the boarding pass, failing which SpiceJet reserves the right to deny boarding, with no fare refund payable to the passenger. SpiceJet neither provides for any cloak room services, nor it shall accept any responsibility towards the passenger’s luggage, if the passenger wishes to travel without the luggage for which they have to make additional payment.

    For bookings made under Hand Baggage Only fare, each passenger shall be allowed to carry only one (01) piece of luggage of maximum seven (07) kg. of weight (which would include Laptop and duty free shopping bags) with maximum overall dimensions of: 115 cms. (L+W+H) on Boeing aircraft and 108 cms. (L+W+H) on Bombardier aircraft.

    Passengers who circumvent the hand baggage restrictions at check-in shall be charged INR 400/ Kg (effective from 22nd June, 2018), for each additional kg., above the seven (07) kg.’s free hand baggage allowance, if the airline staff detects the passenger carrying excess hand baggage before and/ or at the time of boarding the aircraft.

  17. Passengers are advised to compulsorily retain the boarding pass until exiting the terminal for security reasons. Passengers on via and connecting flights should keep their boarding pass handy for physical check at transit points.
  18. For food items purchased onboard, payment shall be accepted in the currency of Indian Rupees (INR) only.
  19. In case of non-availability of pre-booked food item, SpiceJet will offer an alternate food option or a full refund of the amount paid by the passenger towards the pre-booked food item, in the form of a voucher, to be used against similar future purchases, at its discretion and without any further liability.
  20. In the event Spicejet:
    • prepones the flight by sixty (60) minutes or more; or
    • postpones the flight by one hundred and twenty (120) minutes or more,

    the affected passengers shall be entitled either for:

    • full refund of the amount paid by them; or
    • to be accommodated on alternate flight(s) for the same sector for next or preceding seven (07) days from the original date of journey, subject to availability and SpiceJet’s discretion.

Connecting Flight Baggage Policy

  1. Passenger travelling on SpiceJet domestic sector to SpiceJet international sector or vice versa the Free Baggage Allowance of International sector will be applicable within 24hrs of its flight departure to any domestic sector after landing in India.
  2. Passenger travelling on SpiceJet domestic Sector and having connection on another airline to/from an international destination, are allowed Free Baggage Allowance of 15 Kgs per passenger per flight. (W.e.f 4th Nov,2014)
  3. Any spicy promotional / auction fare purchased in conjunction with return fare cannot be cancelled or changed.
  4. Certain fares could carry a restriction related to change / cancellation policy of that particular fare type. In case you do not wish to opt for restricted fare, you can book two separate PNRs for each sector without the benefits/restrictions of the fare.
  5. Where bad weather or instances beyond SpiceJet control has resulted in your flight being cancelled or delayed, SpiceJet will try to assist you to get to your destination, but will not be liable in any way for the delay or cancellation.
  6. SpiceJet assumes no liability for wear and tear to luggage (scratches, torn zippers, straps, wheels, handles, scuffs, dents, soiling or manufacturer defects).
  7. SpiceJet does not connect to other airlines; therefore, SpiceJet is not responsible for any losses incurred by our Passengers while trying to connect to or from other airlines.
  8. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited on all SpiceJet domestic flights.
  9. SpiceJet reserves the right to refuse passage to any passenger that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or where SpiceJet believes it is necessary for the safety and comfort of you or other Passengers or for the protection of property.
  10. Smoking is not permitted on any SpiceJet aircraft.
  11. SpiceJet highly recommends that you remove all valuables (cameras, jewelry, money, electronics, perishables, etc.) and medication from your check-in luggage and place them in your carry-on. SpiceJet will not accept responsibility for these items.
    In case, the passenger decides to carry any valuables in their checked-in baggage against the above advice; they will do this at their own risk and shall not hold SpiceJet responsible for any pilferage / damage / etc. to such valuables. They shall lay no claim against SpiceJet, its employees, agents, successors etc in this regard.
  12. Passengers will be subjected to a security screening prior to boarding the aircraft. This is mandatory as per Indian Regulations.
  13. The company reserves to itself the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel or delay the commencement or continuance of the flight or to alter the stopping place or to deviate from the route of the journey or to change the type of aircraft in use without thereby incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever. The Company also reserves to itself the right to refuse to carry any person whom it considers unfit to travel or who in the opinion of the company may constitute risks to the aircraft or to the persons on board.
  14. If at any stage it is found that the aircraft with the booked load or passengers will be over loaded, the Company will have the right to decide which passengers or articles shall be off-loaded and such decision shall be binding.
  15. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage occasioned by delay in the carriage by air of passengers or baggage. Receipt without complaint of registered baggage on the termination of the journey shall be prima facie evidence that the baggage has been delivered correctly and in good condition.
  16. The Carrier's liability for loss or damage to baggage is limited to Rs 200 per kg with a maximum of Rs 3000 only. The Carrier assumes no liability for fragile or perishable articles.
  17. The reservation itinerary issued by the Company shall be subject to rules of cancellation made by the Company for the time being in force, which may be seen at our website www.spicejet.com or at our offices on request.
  18. In the event of death of a passenger, or any bodily injury or wound suffered by a passenger which results in a permanent disablement incapacitating him from engaging in or being occupied with his usual duties or business occupation, the liability of the Carrier for each passenger shall be Rs 750,000 only if the passenger is 12 years or more of age and Rs 375,000 if the passenger is below 12 years of age on the date of the accident.
  19. Children under the age of 12 require adult accompaniment at all times. SpiceJet will accept children aged between 5-12 years traveling alone as unaccompanied children (as per UNMR inventory). SpiceJet will charge an additional fee of 1500INR for each one-way journey for unaccompanied minors. Passengers should complete and sign an Unaccompanied Minor Form at the departing airports.
  20. SpiceJet shall not be liable for any damage(s) resulting from acts of error or omission in timetables or other published schedules, representations made by its employees, agents or representatives with regard to the date and/or time of departure/ arrival or operation of any flight except in cases where it is proved that the intention is to cause such damage.
  21. Infants under the age of 2 years, and not occupying a seat, are subject to a fee of 1260 INR (including GST but excluding any other airport tax if applicable). Children over 7 days to under 2 years of age at the day of travel are classified as Infants. Proof of age is required, so please carry the Infant's Passport/valid ID (birth certificate) for inspection at the airport on the date of travel. Infants under seven (7) days will only be accepted upon medical authorization from a physician.
  22. SpiceJet carries wheelchair passengers without any charges. Since per flight wheelchair inventory is limited passengers are requested to request for the same atleast 24 hours prior to Scheduled Departure Time of flight. Passengers may however be levied wheel chair handling charges by the concerned airport operator/ handling agency3.1.9 at the departing airport of foreign country and you are requested to check the same from concerned airport of embarkation before your travel plans.
  23. Sports/ Skiing equipment, Golf bags, large musical instruments, Bicycle, Surf Boards, LCD and LED TVs of sizes more than 39 inches and other such large and/ or out of gauge items will be termed as Special Baggage. Special Baggage, when registered as Checked-in Baggage shall be subject to a Handling Fee, as detailed in the below grid:
    Domestic (Within India) 1000 INR
    International (Ex-India) 2000 INR
    Ex-Dubai AED 150 + (AED 40* + AED 45*)
    Ex-Colombo LKR 5000
    Ex-Kabul USD 40
    Ex-Male USD 40
    Ex-Muscat OMR 16
    Ex-Bangkok THB 1300
    Ex-Bangladesh BDT 2394
    Ex-HKG HKD 212
    Ex-JED SAR 110

    *Additional charges charged by the Service Provider & Handling Charges.


  1. For any baggage weights exceeding the applicable free checked baggage allowance, the normal excess baggage charges will be charged in addition to the handling fee as detailed in the above grid. Carriage of all Special Baggage’s shall also be governed by applicable terms and conditions contained in SpiceJet Conditions of Carriage with regard to carriage of fragile items, etc.
  2. Passenger travelling on SpiceJet from a Foreign country to an Indian city and travelling onwards by SpiceJet to a domestic sector booked under the same PNR will not be charged any additional excess baggage or handling charges for any Special Baggage at the transit station.
  3. Connecting passengers under same PNR from a foreign Origin country to another foreign country destination via India on SpiceJet will not be charged any additional excess baggage or handling charges for any above mentioned articles at the transit station.
  4. LED/LCD TVs for size 39 inches and below would be treated as normal Check In baggage.
  5. Maximum two (02) LCD / LED TVs can be carried by one passenger as checked in baggage. (Both the LCD/LED TVs to be charged).
  6. Maximum size of LED / LCD TV that shall be accepted for carriage is 55 inches.
  7. Carriage of Liquor:

    Maximum of 5 liters with alcohol percentage between 24% and 70% in total is permitted in retail packaging as checked-in baggage. Consumption of Alcohol carried on board is not permitted on the aircraft. (Due to security restriction carriage of alcohol as hand baggage in Domestic flight is prohibited). A passenger may carry Alcohol if purchased from Duty Free shops if travelling on International flights. Same should be accompanied with the bill.

    Carrying liquor to/from Surat, Porbandar and Kandla, Ahmedabad & Patna is strictly prohibited as Gujarat / Bihar are dry states.

  8. Carriage policy of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC)

    • POC’s are allowed in domestic / international (Boeing and Q-400) direct/ via / connecting flights.
    • POC’s are allowed in hand baggage & check-in baggage both.
    • Request for carriage of Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) in flight should be sent to custrelations@spicejet.com at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.
  9. Check in for Connecting Flights:

    For connection with Domestic sectors passenger will get two (2) boarding passes at the origin airport, one till transit point and the other one from transit point till final destination. Check in for the final destination will be allowed up to 45 min prior to departure time.

    In case Passengers failing to show up for boarding at the point of transit, 20 minutes prior to the departure despite having arrived on-time from the point of origin, he/she will be treated as a ‘Gate No Show'. The Baggage of such Passengers will be offloaded and handed over to the Passengers or the relevant airport authority at the transit station, without any liability on the part of SpiceJet.

    For domestic connection passenger can collect their baggage from final destination.

  10. Connecting Flights cancellation policy
    In case of delay or cancellation of a flight operated as part of the Connecting Flights the following shall apply:
    • In case of delay or cancellation of the flight at the point of origin which leads to the possibility of a missed connection at the point of transit, the Passenger shall have the right to choose a refund; or a credit-shell for future travel on SpiceJet; or re-booking onto an alternative SpiceJet flight at no additional cost, subject to availability.
    • In case of a delay or cancellation of the connecting flight at the point of Transit, SpiceJet will, at its discretion and subject to availability of seats, offer the Passenger the option to travel on the next SpiceJet flight.
    • Foreign (Non-Indian) Credit /Debit Card Acceptance:
      SpiceJet accepts payment for tickets through the use of Foreign Credit/Debit Cards. SpiceJet currently accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. For all foreign (Non-Indian) credit / debit card payments, the card must be produced for physical verification at the airport check-in counter if the passenger is the cardholder. Incase the cardholder is not traveling, it is mandatory for the passenger to furnish to the airport check-in staff a physical copy of the front side of credit / debit card duly authorized by the cardholder, along with cardholder’s valid proof of identification. In the absence of such credit / debit card or copy and/or identity mismatch, we will be constrained to refuse the boarding.
    • SpiceJet permits the carriage of live animals on its flights but booked through cargo services. Please refer to the full terms and conditions associated with the carriage of live animals on SpiceJet. SpiceJet allows see eye dogs or guide dogs accompanied by the blind passenger in the aircraft cabin. Guide dogs for blind Customers are exempt from this rule, but any Customer traveling with a guide dog should make his/her reservation via the SpiceJet Reservations and provide us notice that a guide dog will be traveling. Please note that guide dogs for the blind may not occupy any seat. The Customer is required to bring a moisture absorbent mat, and to place it under the guide dog. Further, the guide dog should be properly trained, restrained and muzzled. We do not accept guide dog on Q-400 aircraft.
    • All new taxes/charges levied by the Government of India or any statutory body subsequent to the date of booking and applicable on the date of travel shall be charged and payable separately.

Emergency Exit Row Seating Criteria

  1. Passenger, who choose to book an Emergency Exit row seat, should be above the age of 15 years without any medical condition(s)/complications, should be able to read/understand crew commands in English/Hindi, should not be an expectant mother, should not require extension seat belt, should not be travelling with a service dog and should not be travelling with an infant.
  2. SpiceJet reserves the right to refuse a Passenger an assigned Emergency Exit row Seat at the time of check-in incase the above criteria is not met.
  3. In case of exigencies, SpiceJet reserves the right to change an assigned seat without any prior notice. In such a case, the seat fee will be refunded.

Denied Boarding, Flight Cancellation, Delay and Compensation

  1. Denied Boarding

    As a Policy, SpiceJet does not overbook its flight. However, in case of such a situation arising due to unavoidable situations (e.g. clubbing of flights, change of aircraft type etc.) resulting in passenger being denied boarding against their will, the passenger(s) will be eligible for the following amount of compensation, as mentioned

    • No passenger(s) who have been denied boarding will be eligible for any compensation in case alternate flight is arranged that is scheduled to depart within one hour of the original schedule departure time of the initial reservation.

      In the event, when an alternate arrangement is not made, the passenger(s) shall be eligible for the following compensation:

      • An amount equal to 200% of booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, subject to maximum of 10,000 INR, in case SpiceJet arranges alternate flight that is scheduled to depart within 24 hours of the booked scheduled departure.
      • An amount equal to 400% of booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, subject to maximum of 20,000 INR, in case SpiceJet arranges alternate flight that is scheduled to depart more than 24 hours of the booked scheduled departure.
      • In case passenger does not opt for alternate flight, refund of full value of ticket and compensation equal to 400% of booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, subject to maximum of 20,000 INR.
    • A passenger booked on connecting flights of SpiceJet, shall be compensated for the first leg in accordance with the provisions given above (55.a), when he has been delayed at the departure station on account of denied boarding, but has arrived at the final destination at least three hours later than the scheduled arrival time.

    SpiceJet reserves the right to deny boarding to any passenger who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, for health, safety or security reasons or in the absence of adequate travel documents and no compensation as referred above shall be payable in such cases.

  2. Flight Cancellations

    SpiceJet will make all reasonable efforts to ensure timely operations of its scheduled flights. However, due to unforeseen circumstances causing a delay or cancellation of its scheduled operations:

    SpiceJet shall endeavour to inform the passenger(s) about flight cancellation atleast three (03) hours in advance through telephone call or SMS or email, provided the passenger(s) have given correct and working mobile number at the time of effecting the reservation.

    Passenger(s) who have provided correct and working mobile number or e-mail at the time of effecting the reservation and have been informed at least two weeks before the scheduled time of departure shall be entitled for an alternate flight / refund as acceptable to the them. However, in case the passengers are informed of the cancellation less than two weeks before and up to 24 hours of the scheduled time of departure, SpiceJet shall offer alternate flight allowing them to depart within two (02) hours of their booked scheduled time of departure. Passengers who have not been informed as per the above provisions, SpiceJet shall provide compensation in addition to the refund of air ticket in accordance with the following provisions:

    • 5,000 INR or booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, whichever is less for flights having a block time of 01 hour or less.
    • 7,500 INR or booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, whichever is less for flights having block time of more than 01 hour and up to and including 02 hours.
    • 10,000 INR or booked one-way basic fare plus airline fuel charge, whichever is less for flights having a block time of more than 02 hours.
  3. Flight Delays

    In case the passenger has checked in on time and SpiceJet expects delays as follows, it shall provide reasonable refreshments to such checked in passengers:

    • Delay of 2 hours or more from scheduled/revised departure time for flight having block time of up to two and a half hours.
    • Delay of 3 hours or more from scheduled/revised departure time for flight having block time of more than two and a half hours and up to five (05) hours.
    • Delay of 4 hours or more from scheduled / revised departure time for flights not falling under sub-clause (a) and (b) above.

    In case, the expected time of departure due to delay is more than 24 hours hotel accommodation shall be provided wherever necessary. SpiceJet shall have absolute discretion in selection of hotels under the given circumstances and no reimbursement shall be made in this regard.

  4. No compensation as mentioned in para 56 and 57 shall be payable to any of the affected passenger(s) in the event:
    • adequate contact information ( i.e. mobile number or email) has not been provided by the passenger(s) at the time of effecting the reservation; and/or
    • the cancellations/delays occur due to force majeure event, the impact of which lead to cancellation of the flight and which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken by SpiceJet. For this purpose force majeure event shall mean, including, but without limitation, political instability, natural disaster, civil war, insurrection or riot, flood, explosion, government regulations or order affecting the aircraft, strikes and labour disputes causing cessation slowdown or interruption or work, meteorological conditions, mechanical failures, commotion, embargoes, cancellation/delays clearly attributable to Air Traffic Control, security /safety risks or any other factor that is beyond the control of SpiceJet.

    The compensation mentioned above under respective categories is not cumulative and cannot be clubbed together.

    The above policies are governed by the Civil Aviation Requirements of Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.

    Any disputes / grievances may be addressed to Customer Services at Email: custrelations@spicejet.com

    Reservations No.:- +91 987 180 3333, +91 965 400 3333.

  5. Definitions

    "Baggage" means your personal property accompanying you on your trip. It consists of both your Checked Baggage and Cabin Baggage.

    "Booking" (otherwise known as electronic ticket) means the details which we or our authorized agent have entered into our system relating to a journey.

    "Cabin Baggage" (sometimes referred to as carry-on or unchecked baggage) means any of your Baggage other than Checked Baggage (You take your Cabin Baggage into the cabin of the aircraft with you.)

    "Checked Baggage" means that part of your Baggage which we have taken into our custody for carriage in the hold of the aircraft and for which we have issued a baggage check.

    "Passenger" means any person with a Booking who is to be carried or who is carried on the aircraft, except members of the crew.